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Marco Gianni

Business Strategist

Dr Marco Gianni is an experienced professional with extensive experience in the legal and financial field. He worked as a lawyer at the law firm of Professor Bernini, former foreign minister, focusing on international commercial litigation. Subsequently, he expanded his international skills by working as a manager of Professor Sammarco’s law firm in Miami, focusing on international tax law.

His career in the financial sector began with experiences at banks in prestigious places such as Luxembourg, Monaco and Zurich. He then moved to London, where he held the position of manager at the City’s main foreign exchange operator for the Italian market.

Today, Dr Marco Gianni is dedicated to strategic consulting in the luxury sector, collaborating with one of the most important agencies in the sector. His extensive professional experience and knowledge of international law and financial dynamics make him a reliable consultant for companies operating in the world of luxury.
28 August 2023
Lessons in Modern Marketing Management

True innovation can't be confined to rigid frameworks or reduced to numerical formulas. It thrives in narratives that stand on a grand vision and true human ambition, defying conventional and myopic wisdom sought by risk-averse and self-glorifying authorities.

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14 August 2023
Luxury Marketing Strategies: Today's Generation

There's something fascinating about the way luxury intersects with the financial markets.

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9 August 2023
True Luxury is Never "Comfortable"

Luxury is nonsensical and suggests marketing strategies that highlight its story

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12 July 2023
Arrogance Doesn't Pay Off

The narration of a brand in the world of luxury

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