Plans to green hydrogen for the Italian ports

GREEN HYDROGEN PORTS - Worldwide and in all sectors methods and solutions are being sought to reduce CO2 emissions. The port sector is no less important. It started with the search for a decarbonisation of ports to arrive at projects that include solutions such as the use of green hydrogen.

The will to return the ports more eco-sustainable

The catastrophic events of recent years have led more and more people to become aware of the issue of sustainable development. Even the state organizations themselves have not remained impassive and are beginning to impose the first maneuvers in the ecological field, understanding more and more how primary this issue is.

A tool that is increasingly being used is green hydrogen, that is, the one derived from the electrolysis of water with renewable energy. Such solution has already found performance in the Italian harbour field, in particular way to Civitavecchia, Trieste and La Spezia.

The proposal of use of green Hydrogen in the ports

In a convention held to Lerici (SP) Luigi Merlo, Vice president of Conftrasporto and President of Federlogistica, has spoken of the important topic of the reconversion to logistic-energetic aims of the disused areas in proximity of the ports.

"On the future of the areas Enel it would have to elevate the level of the argument and the progettualitĂ  to La Spezia, to exit from the angle and the chatter in order to understand which role
the gulf and the city can have. Right now it seems to me that this breath is
lacking. At the top I allowed myself to advise working with a local interlocution and not to project projects and situations in particular contexts. With the acceleration on the Vallegrande issue - determined by the coal stop at the end of 2021 - one should think about some aspects. Ports like Civitavecchia and Trieste are working on projects related to hydrogen. And to produce green hydrogen you need huge spaces. Alla Spezia,
for example, that area could be dedicated to green hydrogen. As well as a part
to distribution logistics. We must also take into account that in a few months many productions, especially more advanced, will return to our country and will need
spaces, for activities I hope not polluting and highly professional. Many of these
productions ask to have near a port."

In what the plans of Civitavecchia and La Spezia consist

Regarding the port of La Spezia is signed an agreement between Mario Sommariva, president of the Authority of Harbour System, Enel and Snam. The two protocols are intended to promote decarbonisation and energy transition. Sommariva comments on the agreements:

"The whole port system has to change its skin. Lower consumption for lighting of outdoor areas and buildings, LNG vessels, electrified docks, vehicles, operating machines and electric cranes and, immediately, pilot projects for the use of hydrogen that must be clearly identified as the underlying objective. It is important to give priority to renewable energy sources by looking at LNG and electricity in a complementary way. The port will remain an energy-intensive system but the energy that will be consumed must be 'clean'".

In Civitavecchia instead we are close to the construction of a hydrogen bus park inside the port. The project called Life3h requested funding from the European Union’s Life Fund of about 6,339,853 euros over four years. But the funds come also from other numerous partner between which the Adsp of the Tyrrhenian Sea North Center and Port Mobility, the University of Perugia, the Chemical Society Bussi and the Rampini Spa, coordinated from the Abruzzo region.

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Merlo: "The recovery is at risk"

MERLO RECOVERY - A few days ago the Vice President of Conftrasporto and President of Federlogistica, Luigi Merlo, today gave an interview to La Stampa. The participation aims to launch the alarm on the enormous deficiency of truck drivers against the surge of the question of transport services goods in arrival in the Italian ports. This lack, according to Merlon puts at risk the post-pandemic crisis recovery.

Serious lack of truck drivers

After two years of economic crisis due to the pandemic, the time has come to think about getting out of the economic recession that Covid has caused. The preconditions for doing so are there, but they risk not being fulfilled. In fact it is becoming more and more difficult to let out container and therefore goods from the ports, in Italy, but not only.

The problem arises from the difficulty of finding lorry drivers able to transport goods from ports to places of destination. The increase in demand for transport services, to be satisfied, requires, according to estimates, 20 thousand truckers. A number that seems impossible to reach, so much so that instead of increasing the number of employees, is decreasing.

In Italy, in fact, most of the truckers come from the Eastern countries, but according to what Merlo reports, who today prefer to stay to work near home. This is because, in the last year, in countries like Romania, there has been an increase in production and consumption volumes that have led to an increase in work for truckers, resulting in an increase in salary.

The situation is also problematic in England, where, however, brexit played an important role, making it more difficult to employ foreign staff. But the consequences that this has generated are worse than in Italy, for the moment.

According to Merlo the problem of the truckers can hinder the resumption

The absence of lorry drivers in England has led to a shortage of petrol in petrol stations and milk on the shelves of small and large retailers. In Italy they still do not feel the effects, but we could get there soon if the situation does not improve quickly.

To Genoa they bring back as the goods uses from seven to ten days in order to leave the port and this has of the repercussions on the final costs of the produced ones. Those who have invested in methane machines, to follow in the wake of the ecological transition trying to save money, have had a bitter surprise. Within 12 hours, the price of environmentally friendly fuel has doubled. However, this also applies to the rest of road transport, which requires 15% more than a few days ago.

"All extra costs that combined with the slowdowns of the logistic funnel, make Italy lose competitiveness. So we risk to play the recovery- declares Merlo"

The idea of Merlon not to slow down the recovery

"Urgent government intervention is needed. It would be enough to reduce the cost of driving licences for trucks, so as to increase the number of truck drivers. And then to avoid that on the docks continue to accumulate the containers, it serves the derogation to the circulation also on the weekends".

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